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  • Sat. Sep 19th, 2020
Amanda Carney Stabbed to Death By Escaped Prison Inmate
Amanda Carney
Amanda Carney

A young woman named Amanda Leigh Carney was killed by escaped prison worker. Her parents works at the nearby prison where he was serving time for his crimes. Deltra Henderson escaped from work duty around 1pm. The guards noticed around 1:40pm that he was missing in action. Henderson made his way to a home across the road where an assistant warden and his wife, Andrea Bell, lives. It is unknown if the inmate knew of the tenants before arriving to that location. The daughter of  assistant warden was home when inmate broke in and kidnapped her. Henderson escaped the home with the young woman in a car which he later killed her by stabbing her to death in nearby woods. He also stole another car and a unsecured gun from homes. Eventually, Henderson was trapped in a mobile home by the officers and was shot and killed in a gun fight with them.

Deltra Henderson Killed Amanda Carney in Lousiana prison escape
Deltra Henderson

Henderson, 39, was locked up at David Wade Correctional Center in 2001 on a 30 year sentence for distribution of cocaine, attempted armed robbery, and aggravated burglary, and had a good-behavior release date of 2025.

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