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  • Sat. Sep 19th, 2020

Oscar Andrew Garcia Was Shot and Killed At A Friend’s House

Oscar Garcia Shot and Killed
On April 22, 2017, 18 year old Oscar Garcia, a resident of Monrovia went to visit his friend. While he was there, he was shot. Oscar was pronounced dead at the scene and his precious life tragically ended.

Oscar was the 5th in a family of six siblings. He was a senior at Canyon Oaks High School in Monrovia, CA where he also played soccer. Oscar was a vivacious, friendly, caring, and charismatic young man. We could always count on Oscar to be a resepctful gentleman and offer a helping hand. Coming from a big family, Oscar was generous and always put others before himself. As a best friend to his siblings, he knew how to lighten the mood with a joke when things were tense. He will be greatly missed by his mother, Lupe, his brothers, David, Javier, and Bryen, his sisters, Nohemi and Nancy, and his nieces and nephew.


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Oscar Andrew Garcia Was Shot and Killed
Oscar Andrew Garcia Was Shot and Killed

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