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  • Sat. Sep 19th, 2020
Jacob Arter Dies From Being Punched By Former Teammate

Jacob Arter of Breese, IllIn Breese, Jake Arter was at a party when another dude punched him and he collapsed. His friends drove him to the hospital while one performing CPR on him. He soon died from his injury at  St. Joseph’s Hospital. The suspect was arrested for the assault and held in juvenile custody. Arter was a student at Breese Central Community High School and on the same football team as the suspect. The suspect was no longer at the same school due to grades and attends to an alternative school. According to the partygoers, they were at the bonfire at a clubhouse on Saturday night when the incident happened. Witnesses reported that Arter was punched by the suspect. 

His visitation is scheduled for Wednesday and his funeral is scheduled for Thursday at Moss Funeral Home


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